Psalm 69 – SING & LEARN

Psalm 69 is a very typical chapter for the Book of Psalms. The song we recorded is actually a segment from the North African Jewry service, the ambassador of the congregation recites that verse and the congregation repeats it.

I would like to quote Sarah, Victoria’s daughter (A mathematician who is an economist): “Prime numbers are a mathematical proof of God’s centrality in the world.”
Below is the structure of Psalm 69, based on prime numbers.

Structure of Song 69; based on prime numbers:

Number of Verses

Psalm 63 – SING & LEARN – Thirst to G-d

Thanks to the Jacobsons for hosting the Sing & Learn tonight, I wrote a few quick notes below the so “Chabad version” of the song at verse 63:2.
Since the beauty and strength of this melody, comes with ‘the number of singers..’ I added the original version (Lubavitz Rebbe with thousands of his Chasidim) at the bottom.
And just for the fun of it, another clip, created by a famous Israeli singer Berry Sacharov.    SING A LONG!