Curriculum: Jewish basics Hallach and fundamentals of faith

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DATE Agada – Jewish values, ethics and theology Milestones Hallcha and QA (Kitzur Shulchan Aruch)
Jan-24 Intro: Hallach vs Agada, 3 parts to course, about the siddur (authors, relationship, origins and nusachs) הלכות השכמת הבוקר א-חUpon arising
Jan-31 2    Gratitude2, Tzitzit הלכות ציצית ותפילין ט-יא Tzitzit Tefillin
Feb-7 12    13 Ikarim Torah scroll and study כג, כד, כז, כח
Feb-14 16  Torah study vs other professions, Sanctuary and main tefilla segments יב, יג, יז, ,כו
Feb-21 16 fruits in this world and te one to come (values): Kibud Horim, GMH, Hospitality, Visit the sick, Peace Kosher לה, לו, לז hala, melicha, tevila
Feb-28 18   Neshama,  assisted suicide, Jewish pool of souls,  PURIM Kosher לח, מו, מז Treyf and Akum
Mar-7 18   Israel vs Nations, chosen for duty Purim March 12 Purim קמא-קמב
Mar-14 18   Gods image (slave), chosen for duty Pesach קיב, קטז Chametz and Hagala (koshering)
Mar-21 18    Man and woman,  positive time framed mitzvah,  yoke of Torah, PESACH Pesach קז-קיא Maza
Mar-28 22 Akeyda, emphasize mesirut nefesh   PESACH Pesach קיג, קיד, קיז, קיח,קיט general and Seder night
Apr-4 24  Truth, covenant vs contract   PESACH Yom Tov Laws קד-קו Preps and Simcha
Apr-11 Today Yom Tov2 , Leyl HaSeder.  Pesach 10-18 10YomTov1 Chol HaMoed קד-קו
Apr-18 Yom Tov Acharon
Apr-25 Jom HaAtzmaut Atzmaut Kosher לט-מה Sanctified eating and Birkat HaMazon
May-2 32  Tamid offering B’rachot מח, נב bread, pastries, fruits and vegetables
May-9 48  Oral Torah, 2 torahs, torah is ours,  Torah from Sinai,   written vs oral torah B’rachot ,נ,נא rules before and after blessings
May-16 58   King lauded with praises B’rachot נה-נז different situations
May-23 Pesukei Dzimra God revalation in 3 ways Yom Tov Laws צח-צט
May-30 Today Erev Shavuot
Jun-6 66 Poteach es yadecha,   Kol-all,  happy with what god gives, divine providence Other blessings מט, נח-סא
Jun-13 84    Creator of good and bad Shabbat עב, עג preparations
Jun-20 86    humans vs angles , Hashe everywhere Shabbat עה, עז kiodush
Jun-27 88 blessings before Shema Shabbat פ, פא, פב, פג, פה eyruv
Jul-4 90   Gods oneness, ethical aspect: collective responsibility, Conscience, human equality Shabbat פח-צב Mukze and sick
Jul-11 17 Tamuz Family purity קנג, קנט-קסב
Jul-18 90  Shema- love vs fear Honorings קמג-קמד
Jul-25 98  Amida Education, Tattoo, shaving קסה, קסט, קע
Aug-1 9 Av

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