Psalm 63 – SING & LEARN – Thirst to G-d

Thanks to the Jacobsons for hosting the Sing & Learn tonight, I wrote a few quick notes below the so “Chabad version” of the song at verse 63:2.
Since the beauty and strength of this melody, comes with ‘the number of singers..’ I added the original version (Lubavitz Rebbe with thousands of his Chasidim) at the bottom.
And just for the fun of it, another clip, created by a famous Israeli singer Berry Sacharov.    SING A LONG!

– The first verse, the ‘address’ for Psalm 63 indicates one of two optional occasions: Or when David run away from King Saul or way after, when running away from his son, to the dessert of Judah.
Psalm 63:1  “A song of David when he was in the desert of Judah.”
In any (unfortunate and not easy) event, King David continues to ‘sing’, “a song to David”.

– The actual location is a cave in the dessert in Judah, King David and his men are hungry and thirsty… King David’s thirst is, as described in the second verse, Psalm 63:2  “My soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You, in an arid and thirsty land, without water.”  The physical thirst just remind him the thirst to be close to HASHEM, and it is when he has this feeling of being closer to HASHEM (Psalm 63:6) that the thirst is not disturbing him – “with choice foods and fat, my soul will be sated, when my mouth praises with expressions of song.”

The original Chabad version of Tehillim 63:2-3:

A modern version for Tehillim 63:2-3, by Berry Sakharof :