About Psalms Study

Being G-d’s direct talk to us, most of the people go through the Torah (Pentateuch) and study these five books in a certain level of understanding.

As a response to that we have T’hillim (The book of Psalms). Divided into five books, the Psalms are a collection of King Davids songs, the man who ‘had seen it all’. From being a questionable genealogy, working as a simple shepherd, to serving the King of Israel, being chased after by the same king, to being the King that from there and after will be known as the most righteous of all kings, in which we yearn for. Every king after will be compared to King David, did he walk in King David’s ways, or was was he drawn to the wicked side…

Living our individual lives, we focus on our personal needs, sometimes pray, sometimes praise the Lord in our own ways, with our words.
Understanding that the T’hillim is a supreme comprehensive literature, it’s content pure and holy, lots of us prefer to read the Psalms, silently asking G-d to take these perfect songs that describe human situation, and consider them as uniquely said by ourselves.

For this alone, I say: Amen. May all the verses of Psalms get to the Lord, as if sung by King David himself, accompanied by his harp.

Serving as a young spiritual leader in the pulpit of a veteran, very educated and life experienced  congregation, I find it easier for me and more obtained by my congregants, to provide answers and give counsel, sometimes comfort, by using the supreme book of Psalms instead of my own experience and knowledge.

Seeing my drawer is being filled with notes of Psalm explanations and worksheets of classes, I decided to put them together for public usage: sermons, lectures, meetings with other spiritual leaders, Chaplins  Budahs, Fosters, Imams and other priests and monks…